John Smith



John Smith has been involved in the fields of injury causation, biomechanical analysis, and accident reconstruction for over 24 years.  Mr. Smith is a licensed Professional Engineer and has two engineering degrees.  He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Engineering.  He received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Santa Clara in 1991.  Additionally, he earned a Master of Science in Biomechanical Trauma from Lynn University in 2000.  He has a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from U.S. Army War College.  

Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Army Corps of Engineer Officer courses, both the Basic and the Advanced Course.  He is also a graduate of the Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Officer Course.  Mr. Smith is also a logistics qualified Officer, as well as being Quartermaster qualified.  Mr. Smith was the Executive Officer and Commander of Engineering Detachments while on Active Duty with the U.S. Army.  He then was employed as a program manager for both TRW and GTE Government Systems before joining the firm of Raymond P. Smith and Associates full time in 1992.   

Since 1992, Mr. Smith has investigated and reconstructed over 2,600 collisions, most of which involved a biomechanical analysis.  In the area of rear impacts alone, he has investigated over 1,500 collisions.  Over the last 24 years, Mr. Smith has attended over 80 courses or conferences dealing with injury causation, biomechanics or accident reconstruction.  He has published 23 papers and has given over three dozen presentations on the subjects to a variety of legal, engineering and medical organizations.  

Mr. Smith was recalled to Active Duty and served as an Engineer Battalion Commander in Baghdad.  He retired at the rank of Colonel. Mr. Smith is a member of numerous organizations including the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Society of American Military Engineers, the IEEE - Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Remote Sensing Society, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.