The Complete Services Solution


  1. We provide you with the engineering and technical capability to ensure your client receives the most professional advice and representation.
  2. If there are technical risks, unknowns and or weak points in your position, let us find then rather than the opposition.
  3. Apply the physical evidence and scientific data to determine the facts in your case.
  4. Whether your client was injured or potentially caused injury, professional accident investigation helps you get the facts.
  5. The RPSA team has been recognized as experts in courts in 20 states and numerous Federal courts.
  6. RPSA supplies the required support from investigation through expert testimony and evaluation of opposition reports.
  7. Technical support of attorney preparation for depositions and trials.

  • Prepare technical recommendations for deposition of opposition "expert witnesses".
  • Prepare questions for witnesses.
  • Provide technical research to impeach opposition technical experts based on the physical evidence.
  • Prepare technical reports as required.
  • Support mediation.